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Please see the new MoveIt! website - this wiki page is deprecated!!

MoveIt! Survey Results

Results of the MoveIt! Survey are now posted here. The response was fantastic - we had 105 responses by the deadline. There are 65 different robots on which MoveIt! is being used now, with multiple instances of each robot listed in the survey. Read the report to see more!

ABB IRB2400 ABB IRB6640 Aldebaran Nao (2) Aldebaran Romeo Arbotix PhantomX Pincher Barrett WAM
Boston Dynamics Atlas (7) BioRob Arm Cerberus CKBot ClamArm CloPeMa Robot
Comau NM45 Cyton Veta Demining robot Denso robot (vs060) DIY Mobile Manipulator DLR-HIT Hand
Dr. Robot Fanuc m10ia Fraunhofer Care-O-bot Fraunhofer Rob@Work HDT arm with Base Hiro (Nextage)
Hoap3 HRP-4 (simulation) (3) HRP2 Hubo iarm ABB iCub
IRB2400 Kawada Hiro Kinova Jaco (3) Korus Homemate robot KUKA LBR (3) Kuka Leightweight Arm (7)
KUKA LWR4 KUKA OmniRob KUKA youBot (2) Lego NXT Lyncmotion servo erector set Meka M3 Robot (2)
Motoman SIA10d (2) Motoman SIA20 (2) Motoman SIA5 Neuronics Katana (2) PAL Robotics REEM (2) PAL Robotics REEM-C
Pi Robot Pioneer P3AT Pisa Velvet Gripper Willow Garage PR2 (16) Rethink Robotics Baxter (8) Robonaut
Robonaut2 Schunk 7DOF Schunk Dextreous Hand Schunk LWA (3) Schunk Powerball Shadow Robot Arm and Hand
Summit XL-Terabot TUM Rosie Universal Robots UR10 (2) Universal robot UR5 (7) X-WAM

MoveIt! Survey

We are polling the community to get technical feedback about MoveIt!. It should take less than 5 minutes to fill out the survey. This form will stay open until Friday Nov 1, 2013, 11:59 PM PST: Survey Form.

A compiled summary of the survey results will be made available to the community through the MoveIt! wiki. We appreciate any feedback you can provide to help us improve MoveIt!

MoveIt! at RoboBusiness 2013 and the ROS-Industrial Consortium Meeting (Oct. 23-25, 2013)

  • Sachin Chitta is giving an update on MoveIt! at the ROS-Industrial Consortium Meeting on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 10:10 AM.
  • MoveIt! will be featured at the SRI International booth at RoboBusiness 2013 on Thursday, October 24 and Friday, October 25, 2013 where core members of the MoveIt! development team (including Sachin, Acorn Pooley and Dave Hershberger) will be on hand at different times to talk about future plans and new features for MoveIt!

Pick and Place

In August 2013, the MoveIt! team demonstrated pick and place with the PR2 robot.

Current Release

The current release is MoveIt! 0.5 Alpha, under ROS Hydro.

ICRA and ROSCON 2013 Trip Report

Our trip to ICRA and ROSCON 2013 was a grand success. The highlights:

  • MoveIt! is released: We released MoveIt! from ICRA 2013. Read all about it on the Willow Garage Blog and
  • The tutorial on Motion Planning for Mobile Manipulation: State-of-the-art Methods and Tools was a huge success. The talks were fantastic and a live demo with the PR2 showed the audience how they could start using MoveIt!
  • The booth demo with MoveIt! attracted a lot of audience interest as well. Thank you for coming to ICRA 2013 and visiting the Willow Garage booth.
  • The ROSCON Keynote talk was the first talk at ROSCON (after the introductory talks) and created a huge buzz around MoveIt!
  • We integrated MoveIt! with the Baxter Research Robot from Rethink Robotics at ROSCON 2013 (this was an initial proof of concept integration). Read about it on the Willow Garage Blog.


The initial (alpha) release of MoveIt! was done from ICRA 2013. Have a look at these videos to see how MoveIt! works.

Getting MoveIt!

  • Installation - Instructions for binary and source install of MoveIt!

Using MoveIt!

  • High-level Overview Diagram - Beginner's-level description of the main components of MoveIt!
  • Quick Start - Start using MoveIt! by following through as we demonstrate its configuration and capabilities.
  • Robots - Example use cases with different robots.

Developing with MoveIt!

  • Capabilities - Detailed documentation of the individual capabilities provided in MoveIt! including motion planning, kinematics, trajectory processing, constraints and collision checking.
  • Applications - Integrated applications with MoveIt! including pick and place, workspace analysis and benchmarking of motion planners.
  • API - Code level documentation.

Getting Help/Reporting Bugs

Citing MoveIt!

We are working on a technical publication that will be a better resource to cite MoveIt! in the near future. In the meantime, please use the following citation for MoveIt!

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