MoveIt! has now been used on over 65 robots by the community. This page collects information about using MoveIt! with different robots. Click on individual robots to see details.

We are looking for robot maintainers and new robots: If you are willing to maintain the MoveIt! packages for any robot in this list or if you would like to add a robot to this list, please post on the ROS Discourse category.

Motoman (SIA5)/SIA10d/(SIA20) Universal Robots UR5/(UR10) Kinova Jaco ABB IRB 2400

PR2 Baxter Research Robot BDI Atlas Robonaut/Robonaut2

Comau NM45 Fanuc m10ia BioRob Arm KUKA LWR/LBR

KUKA OmniROB Hoap3 Cyton Veta TUM Rosie

Kawada Hiro Robotnik XL-Terabot HRP 4 Pioneer P3AT

Schunk 7-DOF Aldebaran NAO Care-O-Bot HRP-2

Schunk Dextrous Hand Aldebaran Romeo CKBot Denso Robot (vs060)

Rob@Work Hubo Korus Homemate Robot Katana

PhantomX Pincher HDT Arm Lynxmotion Servo Erector Arm Schunk Powerball

PAL Robotics REEM PAL Robotics TIAGo Robotnik X-WAM Barrett WAM

Clopema Robot DLR-Hit Hand iCub REEM-C

Shadow Robot and Hand KUKA Youbot MEKA M3 HOLLIE
Robotis Bioloid Scorbot ER4U AR10 Robotic Hand

Need Custom Development?: If you need help with integration of MoveIt! on your robot or applications, please contact PickNik Consulting.