Find Troubleshooting Information

  • Ask questions at answers.ros.org, the official question forum of ROS and MoveIt!, if you haven’t found similar questions.
  • Check the old Google Groups list page to find previous valuable discussions.
  • Join the IRC channel #moveit in the FreeNode network for casual discussion.

Announcements and Developer Discussions

For project announcements, discussion of future development, maintenance, testing, and releases see the Discourse category. This location is not for MoveIt! users questions or specific robot application questions. Technical questions should be directed to answers.ros.org with the moveit tag.

MoveIt! Issues

Post issues to the corresponding Github repo for MoveIt! - default to the main “moveit” repo when unsure:

  • moveit - Most issues in MoveIt!
  • moveit_robots - Issues related to a specific robot type’s moveit configuration
  • moveit_pr2 - Issues related to the PR2 specific set of MoveIt! packages.

Web Documentation Issues

Post issues about the web documentation to the appropriate github repo:

Change Logs

Change logs are available directly from the corresponding ROS wiki page for MoveIt!.