Contributing to MoveIt

First off, thank you for considering contributing to MoveIt - it’s people like you that make this motion planning framework such a quality project. We want to encourage all MoveIt users to contribute back to the open source project, whether enhancing documentation, answering user questions, reporting & fixing bugs, reviewing open pull requests, or adding new features.


'Good First Issue' Github Issues

If you are new to MoveIt and open source projects, welcome! This is the section for you. 👋

We're interested in helping you take the first step and can answer questions and help you out as you do. Note that we're especially interested in contributions from people from groups underrepresented in free and open-source software! 💝

Tackle Your First Issue
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Answer User Questions

You can contribute greatly to the MoveIt community by answering other people’s questions on the, ROS community’s official question-answer forum. Please feel free help answer questions there, and gain Karma in the process!

You don't need to know everything in MoveIt to be helpful to others. Any amount of experience can be helpful. To really get involved, here's how to setup an email alert for ROS Answers to track the <moveit> tag.

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Enhancing Documentation

Our documentation is of course open source and we strongly encourage you to improve it as you learn MoveIt yourself and find mistakes. ✨ It lives in three different repos on Github:

You can edit the contents directly through the Github website or by using ``git clone`` to edit it locally on your computer. Enhancing documentation makes you a hero among heroes.😻

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Add New Features

We are continually evolving MoveIt and new features are always encouraged. However, to keep up the stability and code quality of the project, we ask you keep your pull requests in the smallest digestible chunks possible (not thousands of lines of changed code).

If you're unsure if your new feature is a good idea, you are encouraged to open an issue or post on Discourse first explaining your proposed change, and request feedback from the community.

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Report and Fix Bugs

As an ever improving software project, there's bound to be growing pains and issues arising. Check out currently open issues that need solving and take a stab at improving MoveIt. For reporting bugs, checkout the MoveIt Support page.