Get Support

Professional Support

PickNik Robotics was founded with the mission of growing the MoveIt project through community building and sponsored development. We offer ongoing robotics support plans as well as custom code development. If you are with a company or organization that may be interested, contact us for a free consultation call.

Community Support

Find Troubleshooting Information

  • Check out the list of Frequently Asked Questions to see if your question has been answered already.
  • Ask questions at, the official question forum of ROS and MoveIt, if you haven’t found similar questions.
  • Check the old Google Groups list page to find previous valuable discussions.
  • Post issues to the main moveit code repository.

Web Documentation Issues

Post issues and share improvements for the web documentation to the appropriate Github repo:

Change Logs and Migration Notes

  • Change logs are available directly from the corresponding ROS wiki page for MoveIt.
  • New release migration notes are available in the root of the MoveIt code repository under