Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between MoveIt and ROS?

  • MoveIt runs on top of ROS (Robot Operating System).
  • ROS is an open-source meta-operating system for robots that provides low-level functionality like a build system, message passing, device drivers and some integrated capabilities like navigation. MoveIt provides functionality for kinematics, motion/path planning, collision checking, 3D perception, robot interaction and much, much more. MoveIt is a primary source of a lot of the functionality for manipulation (and mobile manipulation) in ROS. MoveIt builds on the ROS messaging and build systems and utilizes some of the common tools in ROS like the ROS Visualizer (Rviz) and the ROS robot format (URDF). MoveIt is fast becoming the entry point into ROS, especially through the use of the MoveIt Setup Assistant for configuring new robots.

What is the difference between MoveIt and ROS-Industrial?

  • The ROS-Industrial consortium aims to use the advanced tools in MoveIt and ROS to build and demonstrate advanced applications in industry. They were inspired by the success of Arm Navigation (MoveIt’s predecessor) on the PR2 robot.
  • ROS-Industrial also develops and maintains ROS drivers for industrial robots (using the PR2 drivers as a template in several cases).

What is the difference between MoveIt and OMPL?

  • OMPL is an open-source motion planning library that is used by MoveIt for motion planning. MoveIt uses an extensible plugin architecture and other motion planning libraries can also easily be integrated with MoveIt. OMPL provides a variety of high-quality well-tested randomized planners.

What kind of open source license does MoveIt use?

  • MoveIt is released under the business-friendly BSD License v3. Each individual file in the MoveIt source code should contain a copy of the license.

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I have a fix for a bug in the MoveIt tutorials. What should I do?

  • The MoveIt tutorials live in moveit_tutorials. To correct the tutorials, fork that package (on github), make the corrections and create a pull request.

I have a found a bug in MoveIt itself. What should I do?


I would like to add a new robot to the list of robots using MoveIt. What should I do?

I would like to be listed as an official maintainer for a robot. What are my responsibilities?

  • You need to have access to the robot and be willing to maintain its MoveIt configuration package, the MoveIt interface and any associated components.

What robots does MoveIt support?

  • MoveIt has been used on over 100 robots. To find a list of robots that MoveIt has been used with, check the Robots page.


How do I hear the latest announcements on MoveIt?


Where can I find the changelogs for MoveIt?

  • The change logs for MoveIt can be found directly on the MoveIt ROS Wiki page. Announcements on the mailing list also inform users of the latest changes.