The MoveIt! project is currently maintained by the following contributors with commit-access:

Name Organization GitHub ID
Dave Coleman PickNik Consulting davetcoleman
Robert Haschke CITEC, Bielefeld University rhaschke
Michael Görner University of Hamburg v4hn
Isaac IY Saito Plus One Robotics 130s
Michael Ferguson Fetch Robotics mikeferguson
Ian McMahon Rethink Robotics IanTheEngineer
Gijs van der Hoorn Delft Univ. of Tech / ROS-I gavanderhoorn
Jorge Nicho SwRI / ROS-I jrgnicho
Bence Magyar Heriot-Watt University bmagyar
Mike Lautman PickNik Consulting mlautman
Jon Binney Iron Ox jonbinney
Zak Kingston Rice University zkingston

Maintainer Alumni

We would like to acknowledge past maintainers of MoveIt! who have since moved on. Their great work made this project what it is today:

Name Past Organization GitHub ID
Sachin Chitta Kinema Systems sachinchitta
Ioan Sucan Google X isucan
Dave Hershburger Kinema Systems hersh
Acorn Pooley SRI International N/A
Maarten de Vries Delft Robotics de-vri-es


MoveIt! is open source and released under the BSD License v3. Each individual file in the MoveIt! source code should contain a copy of the license.

Citing MoveIt!

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PickNik was founded with the mission of growing the MoveIt! project through community building and contract consulting.

Franka Emika sponsored a codesprint in 2018 to improve MoveIt!’s tutorials, documentation, and website. Learn more.

History and Acknowledgements

MoveIt!’s first commit was October 2011. MoveIt! was initially developed at Willow Garage by Sachin Chitta, Ioan Sucan, Gil E. Jones, Acorn Pooley, Suat Gedikli and Dave Hershberger and we thank Willow Garage for its support of the MoveIt! project. We would also like to thank SRI International for its support of the MoveIt! project between October 2013 and June 2015.

We gratefully acknowledges the contributions of the following people to MoveIt! and associated packages that MoveIt! uses (or has used at some point):

  • Lydia Kavraki, Mark Moll, and associated members of the Kavraki Lab (Rice University) for developing OMPL - a suite of randomized planners that MoveIt! uses extensively.

  • Dinesh Manocha and Jia Pan of UNC Chapel Hill for developing FCL - a package of collision checking algorithm used extensively by MoveIt!

  • Maxim Likhachev (CMU), Ben Cohen (Penn) and Mike Phillips (CMU) for developing SBPL, a search-based planning library integrated with MoveIt!

  • Armin Hornung, Kai Wurm, Maren Bennewitz, Cyril Stachniss, and Wolfram Burgard for developing Octomap - software for 3D occupancy mapping used by MoveIt!

  • Mrinal Kalakrishnan, Peter Pastor and Stefan Schaal at USC for developing STOMP, the distance field components in MoveIt! and the implementation of the CHOMP algorithm in Arm Navigation

  • Dave Coleman from the University of Colorado, Boulder for developing the MoveIt! Setup Assistant and adding documentation to the MoveIt! website.

  • Michael Ferguson for writing the simple controller manager plugin

  • Sachin Chitta and Praveen Singh for creating the current website

MoveIt! evolved from the Arm Navigation and Grasping Pipeline components of ROS and we gratefully acknowledge the seminal contributions of all developers and researchers to those packages, especially Edward Gil Jones, Matei Ciocarlie, Kaijen Hsiao, Adam Leeper, and Ken Anderson.

We also acknowledge the contributions of the Willow Garage interns who have worked on MoveIt!, Arm Navigation and associated components, members of the ROS and PR2 communities who have used, provided feedback and provided contributions to MoveIt! and Arm Navigation and members of the ROS community for developing the infrastructure that MoveIt! builds on.

We also acknowledge the contributions of the ROS-Industrial consortium led by the Southwest Research Institute for supporting and building up infrastructure for applying MoveIt! and Arm Navigation to industrial robots and environments. Similarly, we acknowledge the contributions of Fraunhofer IPA to MoveIt! and support for the ROS-Industrial effort in Europe.

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