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MoveIt Press Kit

MoveIt Brand Guidelines

The MoveIt press kit includes vector versions of the MoveIt logos. You may use the MoveIt logos in your projects subject to the trademark policy below.

Naming Guidelines

The overall framework is called “MoveIt” which is used as an umbrella term. Note that the “!” in the previous branding of “MoveIt!” is no longer used.

For general mentions of MoveIt framework:

  • All general mentions are written as “MoveIt” e.g. the MoveIt community, MoveIt motion planning software, etc.

Specific version references of MoveIt framework:

  • All specific mentions of the MoveIt are written as “MoveIt 2”, “MoveIt 3”, etc.
  • All mentions of the MoveIt 2 port will be written as “MoveIt 2” or as “the MoveIt port to ROS 2.0”

MoveIt Trademark Policy

We recognize that having a trademark on an open source project may seem at odds with open source, but its very standard. Here’s the Google open source case book for more info.

The “MoveIt” name and other MoveIt trademarks are property of PickNik Inc. (“PickNik” or “PickNik Robotics”).

Below are the relevant agreements, rules, and guidelines on displaying the MoveIt trademarks, which may be updated from time to time. Use of any MoveIt trademark must be in accordance with this Policy or a separate written agreement between you and PickNik.

Trademark Use

Subject to compliance with this Policy, you may use the “MoveIt” name or the MoveIt logo to indicate your implementation of the MoveIt platform as set forth in this Policy. All other uses of the MoveIt trademarks must be expressly approved in writing by PickNik Robotics. To inquire about approval for any such other uses of the MoveIt trademarks, please contact

Any and all use of the “MoveIt” name, the MoveIt logo, and other MoveIt trademarks inures to the benefit of PickNik Robotics. You agree not to do anything inconsistent with PickNik Robotics’ ownership of these trademarks, including without limitation seeking registration of any mark, domain name, or social media name/handle comprised of or incorporating the “MoveIt” name, the MoveIt logo, or any other MoveIt trademarks. You likewise agree not to make any use of the MoveIt trademarks that is likely to confuse or mislead consumers with respect to any relationship with PickNik Robotics or to suggest that PickNik Robotics sponsors, endorses, or approves your product or implementation; and you agree not to make any use of the MoveIt trademarks that is likely to harm the reputation and goodwill built up in the marks. You acknowledge and agree that any and all permissions to use any MoveIt trademarks are limited, personal, non-transferable, non-sublicensable, and revocable. PickNik Robotics may revoke any such permissions in its sole and absolute discretion.

Trademark Style Guidelines

MoveIt in text

  • MoveIt™ should have a trademark symbol the first time it appears in a creative.
  • MoveIt should always be presented in upper camel case and is never plural.
  • Specific versions of MoveIt should be specified by placing the release name or version number after the MoveIt name, separated by a space. For example, MoveIt Melodic, MoveIt Dashing, MoveIt 1, MoveIt 2.
  • The MoveIt trademarks should not be used in names of companies, organizations, applications, products, or services without the prior written approval of PickNik Robotics. Purely nominative uses (for example: “Our company consults on use of MoveIt.” for consultation-based services and “Our company provides training on the use of MoveIt” for training-based services) are acceptable, presuming that the rest of this Policy is followed and there is no express or implied message that PickNik Robotics or the MoveIt project sponsors, endorses, or is otherwise affiliated with your company or its goods and services.
    • Incorrect: “MoveIt Deliverbot”
    • Correct: “Deliverbot, powered by MoveIt”
    • Incorrect: “MoveIt Navomatic”
    • Correct: “Navomatic, built on MoveIt”
    • Incorrect: “MoveIt-T: A MoveIt Training Initiative by Foo Corp”
    • Incorrect: “MoveIt Training Services, Inc.”
    • Correct: “MoveIt Training Services, offered by Foo Corp”
  • The MoveIt logo should have a trademark symbol the first time it appears in a creative work.
  • You may not incorporate or combine the MoveIt logo with any other logo without the prior written approval of PickNik Robotics.

Note for any print media it is necessary to use the provided .AI file and print in the provided CMYK values.

  • Digital Color 0A58F7
  • Print Color (CMYK) C96 M64 Y0 K3
  Dark Backgrounds Light Backgrounds


Any use of the MoveIt trademarks needs to include this attribution in your communication: MoveIt [and/or the MoveIt logo and/or any other MoveIt trademark used] is a trademark of PickNik Robotics.

The logo files are available under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.