World MoveIt Day


  • October 18th, 2017
  • See specific locations for details on times.
  • Note that the Tokyo and Singapore locations will have their event on the 19th


World MoveIt Day is an international hackathon to improve the MoveIt code base, documentation, and community. We hope to close as many pull requests and issues as possible and explore new areas of features and improvements for the now five year old framework. Everyone is welcome to participate from their local workplace, simply by working on open issues. In addition, a number of companies and groups host meetings on their sites all over the world. A video feed will unite the various locations and enable more collaboration. Maintainers will take part in some of these locations.


Other Participating Organizations

  • Open Robotics


  • Dave Coleman, PickNik Robotics
  • Michael Görner, University of Hamburg, Group TAMS


Please state your intent to join the international event on this form. Note that specific locations have their own signups in addition to this form.

Event Location Details

Verb Surgical will be hosting an event with lunch and in-house engineers to help with the hackathon. Fetch Robotics will provide a Fetch robot to test MoveIt on. For more details and to signup see EventBrite. Dave Coleman will attend this meeting.

Magazino will be hosting an event with food, drinks, and a UR5 robot arm on their premises in Munich. In-house engineers will join the event. Michael ‘v4hn’ Görner will attend this meeting.

ROS Industrial at Southwest Research Institute will be hosting an event on the SwRI campus in their new robotics lab in building 68. For details and to signup see EventBrite. Jorge Nicho will attend this meeting.

The Xamla Robotics Team at Provisio GmbH in Münster, Germany will be hosting an event with food, soft drinks, and a UR5 for testing.

ROS-Industrial Asian Pacific Consortium EVENT ON THURSDAY OCTOBER 19th due to a national holiday. Lunch will be provided. To register and obtain the video conference details please sign up here: EventBrite.

PickNik Robotics will be hosting an event at the University of Colorado Computer Science Robotics lab in the Engineering Center. Lunch will be provided. RSVP here: Meetup.

Shadow Robot will either be held at our office in Islington or at UCL’s place in Here East (both venues in London). In particular, we’d like to show you a demo of what we’re doing with our hardware. For more information see EventBrite

Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai Association (TORK) EVENT ON THURSDAY OCTOBER 19th. They will be hosting an event at Yurakucho, Tokyo with food, soft drinks, hand-on training seminar, lightning talks and in house engineers to help with the hackathon. To register and obtain, please sign up here: connpass.

If you aren’t near an organized event we encourage you to have your own event in your lab/organization/company and video conference in to all the other events. We would also like to mail your team or event some MoveIt stickers to schwag out your robots with. State your intent to join on this form.


What version of MoveIt should you use?

We recommend the Kinetic LTS branch/release. The Lunar release is simply a copy of the Kinetic branch (it is not forked yet) and the Indigo branch is considered “stable” - only ABI/API-stable changes will be backported.

Finding Where You Can Help

Suggested areas for improvement are tracked on the new unified moveit repo via several labels:

  • moveit day candidate labels issues as possible entry points for participants in the event. This list will grow longer before the event.
  • simple improvements indicates the issue can probably be tackled in a few hours.
  • documentation suggests new tutorials, changes to the website, etc.
  • assigned aids developers to find issues that are not already being worked on.
  • no label - of course issues that are not marked can still be worked on during World MoveIt day, though they will likely take longer than one day to complete.

If you would like to help the MoveIt project by tackling an issue, claim the issue by commenting “I’ll work on this” and a maintainer will then hopefully add the label “assigned”. Feel free to ask further questions in each issue’s comments.

If you have ideas and improvements for the project, please add your own issues to the tracker, using the appropriate labels where applicable. It’s fine if you want to then claim them for yourself.

Further needs for documentation and tutorials improvement can be found directly on the moveit_tutorials issue tracker.

Other larger code sprint ideas can be found on this page. While they will take longer than a day the ideas might provide a good reference for other things to contribute on WMD.


Improving our documentation is a major goal of WMD - please add to our Sphynx and Markdown-based documentation within our packages and on the MoveIt website. If you have studied extensively an aspect of MoveIt that is not currently documented, please convert your notes into a pull request in the appropriate location. If you’ve started a conversation on the mailing list or other location where a more experienced developer explained a concept, consider converting that answer into a pull request to help others in the future with the same question.

For more details on modifying documentation, see Contributing.

Video Conference and IRC

Join the conversation on IRC with #moveit at For those new to IRC try this web client.

Joint the video conference on Appear.In

Note: this link is subject to change throughout the day, check back.


We’d like to thank the following sponsors: