February 01, 2018 Report On Second Annual World MoveIt! Day

Report On Second Annual World MoveIt! Day

by davetcoleman

Thank you for joining us for our second annual international MoveIt! hackathon event! We are thrilled to report that World MoveIt! Day was a great success last October, setting new records for the annual event. We would like to thank everyone who participated, sponsored, and supported.

We’re excited to see new locations and interest in MoveIt!

MoveIt! continues to grow and improve and we appreciate everyone’s contributions.

Now for the numbers:

  • Number of locations: 10
  • Number of participants: 119

Locations and participants:

  • 33 @ Tokyo Opensource Robotics Kyokai, TORK, Tokyo, Japan
  • 29 @ ROBOTIS, Seoul, Korea
  • 17 @ ROS-Industrial Asian Pacific Consortium, Singapore
  • 13 @ Magazino, Munich, Germany
  • 11 @ Verb Surgical, San Francisco Bay Area, USA
  • 6 @ Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, USA
  • 5 @ PickNik Robotics (Univ. Colorado), Boulder, USA
  • 4 @ Xamla Robotics (PROVISIO GmbH), Münster, Germany
  • 1 @ Shadow Robot Company, London, UK

A few other stats from the event and 30 days after, in the consolidated moveit repo. There are many other MoveIt! related repos that we did not measure for this report:

  • 15 pull requests merged
  • 13 pull requests opened
  • 11 issues closed
  • 10 issues opened

Stickers are on their way to participating locations! If your organization is interested in sponsoring code-sprints please see the list of ideas and contact PickNik Consulting for more information.