January 14, 2021

Videos from MoveIt Workshop 2019 Available on YouTube

by Alex Goldman

In case you missed it, watch a replay of the MoveIt Workshop 2019 Macau.

  1. Welcome and Updates, Dave Coleman (See Above)
  2. MoveIt 2.0 Progress and Roadmap, Mike Lautman
  3. Constrained and optimal planning using the Open Motion Planning Library (OMPL), Mark Moll
  4. Amazon Robomaker, Thomas Moulard
  5. Machine assembly with MoveIt @ OMRON SINIC X; UX in MoveIt - What is hard for newcomers and non-expert users?, Felix von Drigalski
  6. New IK Plugin API for Constraint-Based Solvers and Velocity IK, Robert Haschke
  7. Panel Discussion About MoveIt Ideal User
  8. MoveIt 2 Capabilities Roadmapping, Dave Coleman
  9. Hands on with the Task Constructor, Robert Haschke
  10. Lightning Rounds Michael Ferguson, Christian Henkel, Limor Schweitzer, Tan You Liang, Steve Macenski