March 22, 2021 World MoveIt Day 2021 Lightning Talks

World MoveIt Day 2021 Lightning Talks

by Sean Kolk

The 6th annual 2021 World MoveIt Day saw 90 MoveIt contributors from around the world come together to work on the open-source MoveIt project, with over 5000 lines of code written, 115 pull requests reviewed, and 4 virtual meetups taking place on 3 continents.

Part of the event was a “lightning talk” submission, where contributors submit a video of 120 seconds or less on a topic of their choice. Topics range from ideas about what to work on, to things that the contributor has solved. Here are the 2021 submissions as hosted on Youtube:

Boston Cleek’s talk: ROS2 ament_cmake tutorial on how to implement a symlink install

Tyler Weaver’s talk: ROS2 Depend on Boost Component Libraries

Felix von Drigalski’s talk: Collision Object Visualization

John Stechschulte’s talk: MoveIt Calibration

David Lu’s talk: How to use MoveIt with Navigation

Up Next:

We’re still compiling data from the event and will keep you up to date on the outcomes in the coming week!