January 07, 2014

A New Year, A New Website, A New Movie

by admin

The MoveIt! development team would like to wish you a very happy new year and bring new tidings. We have:

A MoveIt! 2013 Montage Movie

A new website


We have listened to your feedback and added:

  • MoveIt! Blog - we will highlight features, apps, robots and demos here (so please send them in regularly)

  • New documentation

  • New tutorials - Sphinx-based tutorials living next to the code so they are easier to maintain

  • Robots using MoveIt! page

  • FAQs page - where we will collect the most frequently asked questions (and answers)

  • Status page highlighting the status of different components in MoveIt! (deprecated April 2019)

We are also inviting members of the community to sign up as official maintainers of the MoveIt! packages and associated interfaces for different robots so that we can get stable MoveIt! interfaces to a wide variety of robots.

We look forward to the next year of moving it!!