July 02, 2015

MoveIt! goes underwater!

by admin

Dina Youakim at the Universitat de Girona used MoveIt! on an underwater Girona500 AUV robot and 4-DOF arm for autonomous underwater manipulation. This research was part of her MSc thesis work under the guidance of Pere Ridao and Narcis Palomeras at the Girona Underwater Vision and Robotics Lab within the Computer Vision and Robotics Research Institute. Watch the movies below to see how MoveIt! was used in this exciting new project:

Free-Floating Autonomous Underwater Manipulation: Connector Plug/Unplug

Free-Floating Autonomous Valve Turning in Presence of Virtual Obstacles

More information about the Girona500 AUV robot can be found in this publication:

D. Ribas, N. Palomeras, P. Ridao, M. Carreras and A. Mallios. Girona 500 AUV, from survey to intervention. IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 17(1):46–53, February 2012.