November 01, 2016

Video from the MoveIt! Community Meeting Oct 2016

by admin

Thank you for coming to the MoveIt! Community Meeting and thanks to the presenters for making this a huge success.

  • Recent Developments in MoveIt! - Dave Coleman
  • The Search-Based Planning Library (SBPL) - Dr. Maxim Likhachev and Andrew Dornbush
  • Updates from the Flexible Collision Checking Library (FCL) - Dr. Dinesh Manocha
  • Delft’s Winning Amazon Picking Challenge Entry - Mukunda Bharatheesha
  • MoveIt! @ Fetch Robotics - Michael Ferguson
  • Q&A with original MoveIt! Developer & Founder - Dr. Ioan Sucan

In case you missed it, the video is available below

Meeting Video

MoveIt! Community Meeting Oct 2016