April 16, 2018 MoveIt! Migrating from Google Groups to ROS Discou

MoveIt! Migrating from Google Groups to ROS Discourse

by davetcoleman

In recent years there has been a migration related to ROS discussions, Q&A, and collaboration to ROS Discourse. Inspired by ROS-Industrial’s migration this month away from Google Groups, and we believe its time for MoveIt! to migrate as well. Starting April 16, 2018 the moveit-users Google Group will be marked as read-only. The content that is currently within the Google Groups forum will be kept available for reference, and inquiries to moveit-users will be met with an automatic reply to direct inquiries to the MoveIt! Discourse category.

For users the move to the MoveIt! Discourse category should be quite convenient and efficient. Accounts from GitHub, or Google, may be used, so no new accounts will be needed in those cases.

This Discourse category will not be for MoveIt! user questions, requests for technical help, or applications to specific robots. For user technical questions, please post on ROS Answers and tag with ‘moveit’. All off topic questions will be deleted from this Discourse category.

We hope that this change is welcomed as it drives synergy with the broader ROS community, and allows for a true “one stop” in discussion and collaboration on all things ROS.