January 04, 2019 Save the Date - MoveIt! China Developer Workshop

Save the Date - MoveIt! China Developer Workshop

by nbbrooks

We’re excited to announce that the MoveIt! China Developer Workshop will be held on January 16, 2019 in Suzhou, China, as a follow up of 2018 World MoveIt! Day (WMD), led by Intel (China) Ltd., the People’s Government of Xiangcheng District Suzhou, China Association of Small and Medium Enterprise High-Tech Industry Branch, and Artificial Intelligence Industry Innovation Alliance (AIIIA). Expected attendees of this workshop include MoveIt!/ROS community developers, industrial robot developers, technical experts from industrial companies in industrial robot arm, cobot (collaborative robot), machine vision, motion control, smart manufacturing, etc.

A detailed agenda of this workshop can be found in the meetup event. We warmly welcome developer attendance and you can register in the meetup event to confirm your attendance. Additionally, there will be online video streaming for all of the technical presentations in the morning session, starting at 9:30am, for developers who can’t attend the session onsite. URL for online video streaming will be published later via the meetup.


MoveIt!中国开发者研讨会的具体日程可以从meetup获取:。我们诚挚欢迎各位开发人员参加此次活动。您可以通过注册 meetup 进行确认。此外考虑到不能出席本次活动的开发人员,我们将对所有上午的技术讲座进行网上直播,开始时间为早上9:30。视频直播的链接会稍后通过meetup更新。