May 28, 2019 2019 MoveIt Survey Results

2019 MoveIt Survey Results

by simonGoldstein

In celebration of the MoveIt 1.0 release we requested feedback from the community via a MoveIt survey. The complete results of the 2019 survey can be viewed here.

We were excited to see and would like to thank the 39% of respondents who have submitted PRs to help MoveIt grow and improve. An additional 57% reported they have not contributed yet but would like to.

We also asked what contributor’s overall experience has been in creating pull requests - 83% have had a moderate to extremely positive experience. We’d like to get that number up to 100% in the future, a challenge for all the MoveIt maintainers and the greater community.

Another technical point to note: over 90% of respondants were excited for “Realtime support”. We are excited too! But what exactly does realtime support mean?

For a computing system to be real time, it has two requirements: The system must be deterministic and must guarantee deadlines. To be deterministic, it must always produce the same output from the same input. To guarantee deadlines it must produce outputs in a finite, known amount of time. That is a big challenge. While neither ROS 2.0 nor MoveIt 2.0 are quite there yet, we are working towards that goal.

One again we would like to thank all those who completed the survey.