November 18, 2019 PickNik and Rapyuta Team Up to Release MoveIt Gras

PickNik and Rapyuta Team Up to Release MoveIt Grasps

by Rob Coleman

We are pleased to officially announce a major new feature to MoveIt: a default grasping library for manipulation called MoveIt Grasps. This package is the successor to the deprecated moveit_simple_grasps project and was originally developed by Dave Coleman and Andy McEvoy at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Over the past year, through a close partnership between Rapyuta Robotics and PickNik Robotics, the MoveIt Grasps package underwent a significant refactor and is now being released to the open-source community.


  • Support for both parallel finger and suction grippers
  • An extensible framework for grasp generation, filtering, scoring, and selection
  • Support for virtually any robot arm and gripper pair via YAML configuration
  • Fast parallel processing for filtering hundreds of grasp candidates
  • Extensive debugging and visualization tools
  • Easy to run and modifiable demos

Because of Rapyuta’s and PickNik’s commitment to open source, this package has been made available to the community.

More Info

  • You can find out more about the package here.
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