July 15, 2022 MoveIt 2.5.2 Release for Rolling and Humble

MoveIt 2.5.2 Release for Rolling and Humble

by Vatan Aksoy Tezer

We are excited to announce our release for Rolling and Humble, version 2.5.2. With MoveIt’s latest version bumping to 2.5.2, we’ve finally added support for the long-awaited MoveIt Setup Assistant on Humble and Rolling. Besides bug fixes, to sum up the new 86 separate commits, this release includes:

  • Full sync with MoveIt 1 (moveit2#1402): MoveIt 2 now includes all the latest bug fixes MoveIt 1 has.
  • Port MoveIt Setup Assistant (moveit2#1254): Featuring a full rewrite using pluginlib, MSA is now more modular than ever and ready to setup your custom ROS 2 robots!
  • Remove most of the boost usage (moveit2#1372 and moveit2#1331): A big step towards removing boost dependency and use equivalents from the standard library
  • Remove unnecessary rclcpp headers (moveit2#1333): A huge improvement on the compile time
  • Port OMPL Constraints (moveit2#1273): Also featuring a new how-to tutorial!

Checkout here for full CHANGELOG

Thanks to our Maintainers and Contributors