April 01, 2021 Announcing the MoveIt‼ 3 Release

Announcing the MoveIt‼ 3 Release

April Fools‼

PickNik Robotics and the MoveIt Community are proud to announce the release of MoveIt‼ 3 for ROS 3! With ROS 2 facing EOL in just 163 months, the MoveIt‼ community has been hard at work porting the core functionality of MoveIt‼ to ROS 3, as well as introducing some exciting new features, including

  • Faster than real-time planning with the novel act-plan-sense control paradigm
  • Improved localization: repo names aliased to ¡¡Vamos‼ in Spanish-speaking regions
  • Telepathic teleoperation: leveraging the state of the art in brain computer interfaces, MoveIt‼ 3 allows you to control your robot by just thinking about where it needs to go
  • Generalized planning framework for Hilbert space planning
  • Expanded test coverage finally ensures compliance with all three of Asimov’s laws of robotics

Furthermore, taking advantage of the new ROS 3 quantum entanglement communication layer and general AI machine learning engine, MoveIt‼ 3 also boasts

  • Spooky motion planning at a distance, for faster-than-light robotic applications
  • Quantum kinematics, allowing for an arm to be in multiple configurations at the same time
  • Ready-to-use pet-your-cat neural network trajectory generators, trained on YouTube videos
  • Precognitive motion primitives: MoveIt‼ 3 will predict and learn new motions before you need them
  • MoveIt‼ Surgeon: with compatible end effectors you can now easily perform routine medical procedures at home, including appendectomies, cataract surgery, and biopsies

Quantum Kinematics

Finally, while ROS 2 was designed with industrial uses in mind, MoveIt‼ 3 will embrace the new ROS3 user with alien API interfaces, offering

  • Gravitational singularity avoidance
  • Support for anti-gravity grippers
  • “Alien-human hybrid like” arm motions
  • Dynamics in the loop control for shape-shifting robot arms
  • Hyperspace motion planning to enable inter-galactic manipulation

We welcome our new robot alien overlords!