October 29, 2021 Hands-on training with MoveIt 2 and the Stretch mo

Hands-on training with MoveIt 2 and the Stretch mobile manipulator

by Mark Moll

PickNik and Hello Robot organized a 4-hour virtual workshop recently on Mobile Manipulation with MoveIt 2 and Hello Robot as part of ROS World 2021. We had about 50 people participate. The workshop alternated between presentations and breakout sessions where participants practiced in small groups with MoveIt 2, with facilitators providing assistance where needed. We had created a Docker container for this workshop that contained everything participants would need. There was also a hardware demonstration from the Hello Robot team. The PickNik team has been working closely with the Hello Robot team to make sure that the Stretch mobile manipulator is well-supported within ROS 2 and MoveIt 2.

Below are some videos demos of the code that the participants played around with. For more details (including all the slides from the presentations and all the code that was used) see the workshop page.

  • A demonstration of the MoveIt motion planning panel in RViz:
  • A basic pick & place demo [code]:
  • An advanced pick & place demo using the MoveIt Task Constructor [code]:
  • Whole body planning with execution in a complex environment in Ignition: