November 24, 2020 MoveIt at ROS World 2020 Recap

MoveIt at ROS World 2020 Recap

by Alex Goldman

Members of the MoveIt community led a virtual session at ROS World 2020. ROS World brought together almost 2000 roboticists, developers, engineers and students for a day of technical talks, tutorials and networking. If you missed the MoveIt World 2020 session, you can watch it on youtube or see all of the six parts below. Videos include:

  1. State of MoveIt 2020
  2. Latest in MoveIt 2 Foxy - An overview of the capabilities in the latest release of MoveIt 2, including MoveIt Servo (formerly known as Jog Arm).
  3. Easy Hand-Eye Calibration with MoveIt - MoveIt Calibration is a new tool built on top of MoveIt for extrinsic camera calibration. It provides an easy-to-use GUI for calibration of cameras mounted either on a manipulator (eye-in-hand) or statically in a scene (eye-to-hand).
  4. MoveIt at the WRS Assembly Challenge - The Assembly Challenge is an international industrial robotics competition at the World Robot Summit, held yearly in Japan. One of the MoveIt maintainers will share some of his experience in using MoveIt for assembly tasks.
  5. New Constraint-based Cartesian Planning in MoveIt - For many tasks constraints restrict the motions of a robot’s end effector, often requiring Cartesian planning capabilities. Recent work will be presented that describes how these capabilities have been integrated into MoveIt.
  6. TaskForce and MoveIt for Robonaut 2 Mobility - Commanding robots at a high level while not abstracting away all the difficulties of low-level motion planning is a challenging problem. NASA will present the TaskForce framework (soon to be open sourced) on top of MoveIt for commanding complex robots such as Robonaut 2.

Special thanks to our video presenters and MoveIt experts:

  • Dave Coleman - PickNik Robotics
  • Henning Kayser - PickNik Robotics
  • Adam Pettinger - University of Texas at Austin
  • John Stechschulte - PickNik Robotics
  • Yu Yan - Intel
  • Felix von Drigalski - OMRON SINIC X
  • Mark Moll - PickNik Robotics
  • Jeroen De Maeyer - KU Leuven
  • Misha Savchenko - NASA