June 08, 2021 MoveIt 2 Status Update and Feature Comparison

MoveIt 2 Status Update and Feature Comparison

by Henning Kayser

With the release of ROS 2 Galactic, we would like to share the new features only available in MoveIt 2. We hope to encourage the community to upgrade to MoveIt 2 as soon as possible. MoveIt 2 is out of beta.

Table last updated August 15, 2021

  MoveIt 1 MoveIt 2
ROS 1 Support via ros1_bridge
ROS 2 Support
Motion Planning
Inverse Kinematics
Setup Assistant in development
MoveIt Task Constructor pending
Game Controller Integration for Servo
Industrial Trajectory Generator planned
Probabilistically complete Cartesian Planning Stale Patch
Composable Nodes nodelet subsystem
Planning for Differential Drive Bases
Hybrid Planning (global + local planners) pending
Based on Realtime Capable DDS Messaging
Native Windows Build via RoboStack
New Feature Development by PickNik
Development Coordinated with ROS 2 Technical Steering Committee
Built for Industrial Security

For more details, see the MoveIt Roadmap and Upcoming Features.

Status Update for MoveIt 2 on Galactic & Rolling

As of June 8th 2021, we have an experimental chain of PRs that enable compiling on Rolling, but it requires a complicated workspace setup. However, MoveIt 2 Foxy is stable.

We are looking for help from upstream maintainers to release their packages so that MoveIt Galactic can be released. We are also facing challenges relating to pre-release testing of packages and debugging packages failing on the buildfarm. When these two issues are resolved we will have a Galactic and Rolling release.

There has been a lot of recent progress in porting the tutorials to MoveIt 2. We look forward to the official release of MoveIt 2 Galactic on June 30th!