MoveIt 2 Source Build - Windows

NOTE: The Windows source build support is not being maintained, currently. The install instructions are provided for completeness, but have not been tested. Contributions and fixes are welcome.

Installing MoveIt 2 from source is the first step in contributing new features, optimizations, and bug fixes back to the open source project. Thanks for getting involved!



Install the ros-humble-desktop metapackage. You can can install it with the ROS on Windows Installation Instructions.

Create Workspace and Source

Create a colcon workspace:

set COLCON_WS=C:\ws_moveit2\
mkdir %COLCON_WS%\src
cd %COLCON_WS%\src

Download Source Code

Download the humble branch of the moveit2 repository. The required dependencies to build moveit2 are included in ros-humble-desktop.

git clone -b humble

Build MoveIt

Configure and build the workspace:

colcon build --event-handlers desktop_notification- status- --cmake-args -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release

Source the Colcon Workspace


Quick Start

Check out the MoveIt 2 Tutorials on how to get started with simple demo packages.

MoveIt 2 Tutorials