September 02, 2016 MoveIt! officially released into ROS Jade

MoveIt! officially released into ROS Jade

by v4hn

If you’re running your robot packages with ROS Jade, and/or if you want to try the newest MoveIt!, start at

Among numerous bug-fixes, there are quite a number of new features included:

1st Jade release

ROS Indigo

For now, the newest features and bugfixes have only been released in Jade.

Contributors are working hard towards a new binary release into Indigo as well. The release will include the above mentioned features and bug fixes too and will also address multiple safety issues that were known among senior MoveIt developers already for some time:

For Indigo, if you don’t mind building from source, go for it: Be aware though that the repository branches are used for active development, so you might hit severe regressions in the current HEADs.

We are currently working towards more fast-paced release cycles, so that MoveIt! users should be able to use the released ROS packages even if they want to rely on current bug fixes and new features.

ROS Kinetic

We are in the process of finalizing the API for the initial release of MoveIt! in kinetic and discuss points that should be addressed before the release. At least one of the points will be relevant to most of you in the future:

Should we move from boost::shared_ptr to std::shared_ptr in the public API in Kinetic?

You’re input is clearly welcome on these points. See moveit/moveit/#18 and moveit/moveit/#48 for more information.